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Food from the heart

Launched by the Vanier Community Service Centre, Gourmet-Xpress is a social non-profit organization that provides catering services. Our mission is to help people reintegrate into the labor market. The opportunity provides jobs to those who, in the past, have found it hard due to employment barriers. We offer a practical internship within the workplace for a period of 12 weeks. Our participants learn the basic techniques of food preparation, customer service, as well as skills that are useful to employers such as resourcefulness, teamwork and the pursuit of excellence. 

Our service caters to several events such as banquets, weddings, funerals, cocktails and more.

We all gain by contributing to the social mission of our company. Each order helps a number of people break the barriers of social isolation and find employment.

''Thanks so much to Gourmet-Xpress Catering Service for the delicious food yesterday.  My colleagues were amazed by the freshness and variety of food items.  The lunch was thoroughly enjoyed by all and there was plenty of food for everyone.   I look forward to doing business again with Gourmet-Xpress in the future.''
– Susanne (City of Ottawa), June 2012


''It was excellent  – thank you for asking.  The tenants unanimously agreed that the meal was excellent.  From an organizational point of view your staff were on time, pleasant and helpful.
Thank you for helping to make our evening a success.''
Steve Clay
Community Development Manager West
Ottawa Community Housing